Celebrating 20 Years Contest

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20 Years of Education


 At the Authority we understand that public participation is essential for the success of any waste reduction program. Over the past 20 years, we have regularly updated our programs and outreach to keep pace with new science and technology, popular trends and accessibility to all. Since 1998, we have reached out to every community with our environmental message: with tours at our Environmental Education Center and presentations to groups such as schools, libraries, senior centers, service groups, scouts, local residents and visits from industry professionals from around the world.   

Through presentations, on-site tours and staff attendance at community events, our staff have touched hundreds of thousands of individual lives throughout the County and have sparked new awareness of the beauty and treasure of our natural resources and how to care for them. Reaching out to the grassroots networking hubs within the community and taking our initiatives to households, schoolrooms, and civic groups has become a successful and compelling force in our educational goals.


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20 Year Anniversary Celebration


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