Rates Chart

Transfer Station

Garbage / Construction Debris

$76.00 per ton

Scrap Metal

No Fee

Car Tires (16" or smaller)

$2.00 per tire


Truck Tires (17" or larger)

$10.00 per tire


Bulk Tires 

$200.00 per ton


Yard Waste


$51.00 per ton



Brush***/ wood chips

$57.00 per ton




$70.00 per ton



Mixed Yard Waste***

$105.00 per ton



Tree Stumps***

$150.00 per ton




$15.00 per ton



Concrete w/PSI of 3,500 or greater

$25.00 per ton Surcharge




$20.00 per ton


Oversized Concrete   (larger than 24" x 24" x 8")

Less Than 10 Tons

plus $30.00 per load



Between 10 and 15 Tons

plus $60.00 per load



15 Tons and Over

plus $200.00 per load


Material Recovery Facility



CO Composting  Facility 


$79.00 per ton**



Dewatered Sludge




Clean Chipped Wood Waste*

No Fee



Clean Wood Waste*

$25.00 per ton



Wood Pallets*

$10.00 per ton





 $57.00 per ton      



*Clean Wood- uncoated, untreated, unpainted, and unstained wood or lumber.

  Contact Management 845-753-2200 x625


***Yard Waste brought to the facility by County residents is accepted free of charge in non commercial plated vehicles only.

Please be aware of a $10.00 minimum for concrete and a $20.00 minimum for garbage.

All major credit cards accepted. No cash or checks accepted.

Please read the RCSWMA Tipping Fee Policy