Recycling Center Tour

See what happens to your recycling after the bin! Take a Tour!

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We offer group tours of the Herb Reisman Environmental Education Center.

Schools, organizations and other interested groups can tour the Recycling Center to find out:

  • where our garbage goes
  • how recycling really works
  • how to compost
  • how to properly dispose of household hazardous materials
  • and other important issues affecting our environment, such as energy and water quality.

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When you visit the Center, you will imagine yourself as a scientist discovering how Rockland County manages their recycling, trash and compost while trying to conserve resources. You are responsible for gathering as much information as possible so it can be brought back and shared with your school, family and neighbors.

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Submit an on-line request for a tour or call Jennifer Sheridan, Assistant Educator at 845-753-2200 x634.

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