Environmental Resources


www.thestoryofstuff.com – short videos, explaining where all our stuff comes from: Electronics, cosmetics, bottled water and other products

www.epa.gov – The United States Environmental Protection Agency

www.pbskids.org –teaching kids how to be “Green”-by playing games

www.kidsplanet.org – Learn facts about the Earth

www.thegreenguide.com – Green information

https://www.neefusa.org/environmental-education-week – Lesson plans-National Environmental Education Week                                                                       

www.nytimes.com/learning/teachers//lessons – Lesson plans

www.Repreve.com – This company now works with over 200 name brand clothing companies and has converted over 5 billion bottles into clothing ex. Nike, NorthFace, Adidas, American Eagle and more! Watch their video turning bottles into material!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZl7KAESsaA&feature=channel – making paper pulp from recycled paper and natural wood

www.terracycle.com    – The Company that recycles juice pouches, cookie wrappers and chip bags into new products.

http://www.ecoproducts.com/cms/resources/resourceDetail/6.html - compostable dinnerware

www.freecycle.org – find free items in your area that people and businesses are giving away

www.littlearth.com – company make new products from recycled items – example: license plates,


                         Food Waste Fight


How to crochet with “Plarn”





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